Jul. 11th, 2012

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Comics outside the Big Two? Hell yes. Anyone who's familiar with me and my comments (I don't comment often, but I've been a regular for a number of years) know that I've moved away from MOST of the Big Two, preferring self-contained and/or creator-owned series.

Elephantmen is, by far, my favourite one. And even better, the first issue? Completely free and online, thanks to the creators and their website. I'll provide a couple of scans and also a link to the issue for those interested.

The best way to describe Elephantmen is it's like a mix of Blade Runner and Ninja Turtles. There are a number of genetically altered animals who, after serving (brain-washed) in a war, are now considered free citizens. However, there's still a great deal of fear, xenophobia, and racism from the general public.
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The Yonkers Devil is probably the non-intelligent foe who's given Robo the most trouble in the past.

So much trouble, that he's decided to hire a certain group of mercenaries to help him out in it's capture.

A certain group of mercenaries who wear RED.

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Part two of my history of Galen DeMarco, continued from here.

Where we left off last time, partway through "Beyond the Call of Duty", DeMarco was making a spirited attempt at going where no woman has gone before. Here's how that worked out for her.

Roughly 22 pages of scans under the cut.

Dredd's reaction, and what happened next )

Still one of my very favourite characters. ♥
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For no other reason than I wanna, here's an extract from Generation X #62 by Jay Faerber and Matt Smith, where Monet had shipped off to a new school in Switzerland. Her academic career there was cut short by the unfortunate development that the teaching staff turned out to be composed almost entirely by vampires, who were killing off and turning her fellow students.

Back from when Monet had a conscience about killing and before the whitewashing. No claims about originality, though. There's a possibility that the issue might have been... just slightly influenced by a certain TV show.

Gen X Preview
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Couldn't let Beyond the Big Two Week go past without posting at least one snippet from Bryan Lee O'Malley's Scott Pilgrim series. And I've chosen a section from the final volume, Scott Pilgrim's Finest Hour.

I've picked this moment from the finale, in which the face-off against villain Gideon Graves occurs, mainly because I think the final scenes of the graphic novels play out far more strongly than the film adaptation managed. There's an argument that the book and movie don't tally as the graphic novel was still being worked on at the same time as the movie, but either way, I felt that the movie failed to adequately make it Ramona's story as much as Scott's. Ramona in the book is implicitly not a prize to be won and has her own agency in the final showdown, as this extract shows.

Ramona Preview

12 and a half pages from 248 under the cut. )

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So... are we going to talk about it?

As the story arc comes to a conclusion, as Rick Grimes and crew come face-to-face with a very real and nasty threat.

Oh boy, was THIS painful to go through.

But for thoseof us who follow the book, we all know that it does NOT pull punches, there are no easy outs, and when bad things happen to good people, it's not in a cartoon way, but very very painful.

Fair warning, I've explicitly left out the gore and the blood, but if you DO pick up the book, you've been warned. It's is agony to read and you may need a few minutes not to jump into the book itself and seek berserker justice.

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Since Alan Scott has returned to the DCU... sorta, I thought that people might be interested to see what his original incarnation was like. So here's Made of Wood, a mystery where he returns to Gotham to help solve a fifty year old mystery...
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These posts are dedicated to Paul Tobin, who said that "Detective Comics" is an oxymoron as superhero comics aren't the right genre or medium for actual detective stories.
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Guess who's back in Uncanny X-Force #27 and revealed behind the new Brotherhood?

2 pages & a third of UXF 27 )


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