Jul. 14th, 2012

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American comics in the early days tended to have strapping, handsome heroes (or if not, then they were someone like the Thing, whose physical monstronsity was countered by a heart as big as all outdoors.

In the UK, that wasn't such a given, or heroes not always so clear cut, and certainly not always so handsome. As a case in point, this is the origin of one of the more durable, but now sadly almost unknown, British comic heroes... And often in those aimed at younger kids than their American counterparts.

From the pages of SMASH comics in the late 1960's comes

The Incredible Adventures of Janus Stark )

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Since the relaunched PROPHET series debuted, a number of readers have asked the same not-unreasonable question: "Aside from the name, how is this comic in any way related to the original Liefeld Prophet?" At first the answer seemed be "It isn't," but with issue 25 (the fifth or so issue of the relaunch, which kept the old numbering), the connection has become strong and clear.

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CBR preview, in which Carol can quip like the best of them and I'm showing appreciation for a new Filipino breakout artist and his first Marvel project.

Written by Kelly Sue DeConnick and drawn by Dexter Soy.

Outranking Captain America and rocking the new costume... )
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The Life and Times of Savior 28 was a five issue miniseries from IDW, written by J.M. DeMatteis and drawn by Mike Cavallaro. DeMatteis based the idea on his original plans for CAPTAIN AMERICA #300, where Cap would start his own peace movement and get assassinated.

Violence is bad. Or something. )
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While IDW is currently doing an awesome job publishing Generation 1 based comics, they're not publishing an ongoing Transformers: Prime comic. Transformers: Prime is the current main TF cartoon, a CGI-animated series being shown on The Hub (previously Discovery Kids).

Titan Magazines over in the UK has been publishing a Transformers magazine which comes out once every four weeks since 2007, and while for most of its life it has been based around the Michael Bay movie franchise, last year they switched it over to be Transformers: Prime themed. The magazine includes such features as a letters page where the letters are answered in-character by Megatron and Arcee, an astrology column hosted by Starscream, and an eight-page comic. While intended for a somewhat younger readership than the IDW comic, the stories are fun.

So I thought I'd post parts of the comics from the second (just under 2 pages out of 8) and third (approx 2 pages out of 8) issues.

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Part of me feels that posting a comic based on a million dollar toy franchise goes against the spirit if not the letter of Beyond the Big Two week, but oh well. This is one of my favorite ongoing comics of the moment, and I'm not even much of a Transformers fan.

The premise of MTMTE is that now that the war with the Decepticons is over, a group of Autobots has decided to grab a starship and go searching the cosmos for the mythical founders of the Transformers race, the legendary and possibly fictional "Knights of Cybertron." And along the way, they encounter all sorts of adventures, of course. The writer of the series says he originally pitched it to IDW as an "unholy hybrid" of DARK STAR, JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL, and DOCTOR WHO.

This is a re-post of seven pages from issue 1 and seven from issue 2, which gather together and introduce the eclectic cast.

Meet the crew of the Lost Light )

Or, if you want all the info compressed into a single page... )


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