Jul. 26th, 2012

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(Fanart Thursday)

Aaron Diaz, aka Dresden Codak (or "DC" for short, no, really) has been doing fan redesigns of various concepts. His re-imagining of Batman is evolving in ways some here might appreciate.

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OK, I deleted the old post and, since it's now Thursday, I reposted this for Fanart Thursday. :shrug:
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Kind of spoilers for both Dark Knight Rises and Legend of Korra
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[personal profile] auggie18's earlier post and the resulting discussion about heroes in Limbo reminded me of the epilogue of Ka-Zar the Savage #34. The final issue of the series where Ka-Zar ends up (once again) in the Land of Cancelled Heroes.
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A part of Spider-Man's superior Phoenix host training is revealed in the upcoming World's Mightiest Heroes vs Those Assholes #9.

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Source, where you can see cover variants and the rest of the page (omitted here to preserve Thor's dignity).
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Back in 1994, Magic: The Gathering was new and shiny and the biggest obsession of geeks nationwide. The industry followed the leader, and a bunch of similar collectible card games (some pretty good) came out. Clearly it was time for a magazine dedicated to the phenomenon.

This issue has rules errata, frequently asked questions, deck building advice...but most importantly from this community's perspective, a comic!

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Your thoughts, comments, favorite collectible card game story?"


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