Aug. 23rd, 2012

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ComicBookResources has the preview as one of the
students of the Jean Grey school of Higher Learning is tempted by the dark side.

Its been you all along....  )
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So for the last few issues, Tony Stark has been working FOR the Mandarin. Because Stark has plans within plans, and he also has trust issues.

One of those is revealed.


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It doesn't seem like a lot of people like Spider-Man's new sidekick, Alpha. But he isn't the first Spidekick. Let's look at one, um, unforgettable other.

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Meanwhile, at the other DC titles that is keeping the old DC story line going (besides the Bat titles)... the Guardians continue to wring their hands and plot no good for the universe.

Power corrupts.  )
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Finally found something for my Joe Kubert "In Memoriam" post.

Among the characters Kubert's art graced is one Sergeant Frank Rock, who was the star of "Our Army at War" for many years.

Three pages of eleven from the lead story, "300th Hill", and a bonus.

Nothin's easy for Easy Company! )

Next time, probably something from the public domain.

Your thoughts and comments?


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