Sep. 26th, 2012

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Saw this over on tumblr, thought it was really sweet :D

It kinda makes me think of Bruce Timm's stories, where sometimes they would do just thislittle one off story...

the source is over here at Deviant Art:

Batman: the tailor )
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In the last issue of Fantastic Four, Reed and family seized the Wizard from A.I.M.'s new nation-state, and brought him into custody. Bentley 23, the clone of the Wizard, apparently wanted to see him. He approached him with a box containing his helmet, stating that the children of the Foundation thought it best for him to have a personal identifier. He's quite mad, you see.

The Wizard told Bentley to put it on himself.

What happens next )

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One page from Games People Play that helps explain why I've been in such a horrible mood all month.

We built this city )
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I have occasionally mentioned how in the Post-Crisis DC Universe, Dick Grayson got the idea of the Nightwing name from Superman. Superman told him about a Kryponian legend. I was wondering if that would be used in NIGHTWING #0, but it wasn't. (There wasn't anything on Dick going from Robin to Nightwing.)

So, here are the pages from NIGHTWING #102 where Dick visits Metropolis after Batman fires him as Robin.

Batman 1966 reference as well.> <a href= )
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Everything Burns reaches it's climax it one of the finest issues of a comic book I've ever read.

Seriously this book is wonderful, it just pays off on so many of the themes built up through the run. Only thing I can think of that comes close is #25 of John Rodgers Blue Beetle.

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Hi folks!

My scanner's finally back up, so it's public domain time! Specifically, another story from Joe College Comics Winter 1950.

The story is "Toss-Out" Terry by Dick Briefer and contains 1950s style sexism at its finest.

Take me out to the ball game, but don't tell the boss. )

Next know, I haven't posted anything from Marvel in ages. I'm going to see if I can dig something up.

Your thoughts and comments?



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