Oct. 13th, 2012

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Returns to the cosmic side of superheroics (some people forget that he spearheaded Marvel's Annihilation before going exclusive with DC), returns to Jaime Reyes.

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Mylo Xyloto is aColdplay album that came out last year.

Coldplay are a popular British beat combo much admired by the bobbysocks and poodle skirt set (See, I'm hep, I'm happening! I'm down with the kids!)

It's also the name of their new six part comic book series (Currently available for pre-order on their website), but which will be released through comic shops too.

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Not a lot of people were reading the FF's book back in 2002, or if they were, they weren't talking much about it. The entire line was just coming off the doldrums of the nineties, and while there were a few good solid superhero books coming out around then - like the underrated Nicienza run on Thunderbolts - it was a quiet time at Marvel.

Which is a shame, because in the middle of this dead zone, you get one of the single greatest moments for Dr. Doom ever.

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Two of my favourite artists,  Andy Price (on art) and Katie Cook (on writing, though she's a fine artists in her own right... see icon)  have a regular gig in the form of the comic version of "My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic" (Not something I have been able to get into, but I know it's popular)

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