Nov. 28th, 2012

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In the previous issue, Nebulon unveiled his plan to help humanity through Celestial Mind Control, which manages to be even skeevier than it sounds. Valkyrie voiced her objections to strip-searching, and Chondu demonstrated that being in the body of a fawn doesn;t make him harmless.

So, five pages from seventeen of "The Defenders" #35, plus a Hostess ad.

Arthur Nagan is an asshole. )

Next time: The conclusion of the Nighthawk's Brain plotline.

Your thoughts and comments?
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Jonathan Hickman posted this image on his twitter, revealing his initial Avengers roster.

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I've had this comic, wanting to talk about it for like 9 hours now. Why has no one posted it? Anyway, I'll leave a nice full post to one of the MLP dedicated, but I am so I'm impressed i want to share something.

Here is two thirds of a page and half on one panel.
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Can this have a tag please?


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