Dec. 10th, 2012

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Well, for one thing, he can't blink. But there's also this, courtesy of Milligan & Fegredo's FACE.
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Not long ago, a new issue of Buffy put the spotlight on a new kind of "slayer" - a boy. Generically called Billy the Vampire Slayer, here is part one of the two issue story.
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Long, long before Birds of Prey, Judith Hunt teamed up with her spouse, Chuck Dixon, to create Evangeline, a 22nd century nun who does black ops and assassinations for the Vatican. House ads advertised the series with the tagline "God's law is her law. They went unpunished, until she arrived. Now she hunts them down... one by one. And sends them to hell... one by one."

Evangeline #1 fc

Originally published by Comico in 1984, Hunt
republished the first three issues online a few years back, so I'm treating this as a web-comic and posting the full issue #1 (if this is wrong, I'll edit it down to 10/30 pages).
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Even as a giant sized fight issue, it was really hard to trim this down to an acceptable pic count. Every blow between father and son must be seen.

But rules are rules. (Luckily, this was a giant story that had been set up for years.)

This story puts a lot of emphasis on Bruce Banner's relationship with his abusive father.

(Note, this was a 26 page story. As such, after a little updating, I have uploaded 8 pages.)

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