Dec. 29th, 2012

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'The one concept seeming to generate a ton of interaction between fans is the idea of "Who would beat whom?" There are message boards dedicated to superhero rumbles and so on -- it's really pretty extraordinary the passion these arguments bring forth... So with "Deathmatch," we have committed fully to the idea of fights between characters to the death.' -- Paul Jenkins

4 pages from the first issue )
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Two issues ago, Daredevil figured out that the Spot was behind his latest torments, using his teleportation powers to trick Matt into thinking he'd gone insane. (Moving things in and out of rooms, etc.) One issue ago, Daredevil found out that it actually wasn't the Spot but rather some guy named using the Spot as a power source. In the latest issue, things get funky.

Daredevil #20-21 )


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