Jan. 9th, 2013

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Previously in Planet Hulk

Throughout the course of Planet Hulk, there are issues that focus more or less entirely on one of the Hulk's supporting cast members. Since the Hulk has been around for 40+ years, readers know him well. These other guys have only been around for a little while and need to be built up as individuals if readers are going to care about them. This issue, like the last one, focuses on one of the best new additions to the Hulk's supporting cast: Caiera the Oldstrong.

(7 pages from The Incredible Hulk #99)

Anarchy, part four )
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I initially had reservations about this issue given how poorly executed this series has been under Levitz, but this one actually genuinely surprised me with solid characterisation and a compelling storyline.

So why do we fall, Bruce? Errrr...ummm...Helena? )
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Last we saw, the son was in a tight spot in issue #2...

The dad, having his suspicions, finds his son escaping the group of warriors after him...
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