Jan. 17th, 2013

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Working on a megastrip that I've been meaning to complete for a while now, but in the meantime, here are some of the cartoons I've been drawing explaining the differences between different types of retropunk.

Because not everything is steampunk.
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Keith Giffen's new DC outer space series, Threshold, launched this week. Each issue will feature two ongoing stories: One is "The Hunted," a RUNNING MAN/HUNGER GAMES sort of deal set in Lady Styx's territory. The other is "Larfleeze."

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"[A]s I got into my 30s and I got into my 40s, I really started to understand a lot more about what I have learned both good and bad from superhero comics as a kid. The upsides -- the obvious upsides: do the right thing, and save cats from trees, and be honest to people, help little old ladies across the street. The darker stuff that you learn... I mean, Jesus, everything emotionally stunted and wrong about me I learned from Mort Weisinger. ... I brought even more personal issues to Daredevil in terms of a lifelong struggle with depression. How you deal with that and don't deal with that, that's something I get a chance to work out with these characters, both Bruce Banner and Matt Murdock." -- Mark Waid

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I've lately been slowly reading through Priest's Black Panther run, and yesterday I read an arc which was rather amusing given recent event. I think I saw someone mention part of it in the comments of scans_daily recently, actually, something about sort of Illuminati like gather involved Black Panther, Doom, Magneto and Namor. It also involved T'Challa flirting with Storm way before Hudlin's run. Funny stuff.

Anyway, I hope it's not overly complicated, but it's Priest's run which tends to have a bazillion things happening at the same time and also is tough to cut to 7 pages.

Black Panther v3 #26, ~7 pages

It starts with a flashback:Read more... )

Black Panther v3 #27, 7 pages

Where international tension starts ramping out, and also the flirting:Read more... )

Black Panther v3 #28, ~7 Pages

The one with the Illuminati-like meeting: Read more... )

Black Panther v3 #29, 3 pages

Mostly concluding the stuff between Namor and Black Panther: Read more... )


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