Feb. 10th, 2013

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I was cleaning my apartment when I came across some original art I bought a long time ago! I don't even remember where I got this stuff! eBay, I guess??

Jail is always more fun with a friend! )
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Sure, Jamie Reyes is a breakout character, and Ted Kord is awesome, but there is really no love for the original Blue Beetle Dan Garret around here. And after recent delving into the Digital Comic Museum's archive, I found the perfect Golden Age story to introduce everyone to the awesome crack of the Golden Age Blue Beetle:

It's Blue Beetle in his very own (if only 10 pages long) Clone Saga! )
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In the mid-eighties there was a long story in The Incredible Hulk called 'Crossroads:' in order to stop the Hulk's destructive rampage, Doctor Strange exiled the green goliath in a mystical realm where he could harm no one and, in principle, be harmed by no one. The second part didn't work out too well and the Hulk kept jumping from one bizarre world to another where he had lots of cool high fantasy and science fiction adventures. Of all the stories, there's one told in the annual #13 that is particularly dear to me:

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