Feb. 11th, 2013

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SCARLET is a Bendis/Maleev series about a young woman whose boyfriend is murdered by a crooked cop. She kills the dirty cop out of revenge, then decides to go after "the system." Then things get... out of hand. The first five issues were released in 2010 and 2011. Now the 6th issues it out.

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EDIT - That what I get for leaving this unposted while I am out all day.
I had low expectations for the My Little Pony comics series. That is why issue #1 not only impressed me, it blew me away. I bought 6 six copies just to give to people. On my rare journey to the comic books store, I tired to explain to it patrons the wonders of the ponies here. I encouraged pony fans to not fear the comics, but embraced them.

Then issue two happened. I shouldn't have let my hopes get so high.
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The Super Street Fighter comic just came out (a single big honking volume, unlike it's non-super predecessors), and I thought I'd share some choice bits :)

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