Feb. 12th, 2013

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I was already planning to post this as a follow up to my first Eroica post, but suddenly it's become rather timely. This story is told across two volumes in chapters 7 and 8, and marks the point when the espionage plots start becoming more complex and continuity-driven, as our heroes make a visit to the Vatican.

42 manga pages beneath the cut. (Original stories were 98 and 136 pages respectively.) Warning for homophobia; possibly NSFW for some partial nudity. Pages read from right to left.

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Over a storyline spanning several issues, it's revealed that Maxwell Lord has been taking over Superman's mind (it took him several years to achieve that). The result has made Superman highly suggestive, which ends with Clark taking out the whole Justice League sans-Wonder Woman. The actual story isn't that great but the climax is rather amazing. The following pages only show half of the WWvsSupes fight.

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I know I'm not the only one here who likes My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, nor the only one who has been thoroughly enjoying the IDW comic book by Katie Cook and Andy Price with its wacky-yet-kinda-creepy horror-comedy tone. There was some talk about the comic here before and after #1 was released... but since, as far as I can see, nobody's been talking about issues #2 or #3, I figured I'd try to do something about it. Because these comics deserve recognition.

So here are a few scans (two full pages, one three-quarter page and three page snippets, adding up to what I'd roughly estimate as three-and-a-half page) from the newest issue, #3, the penultimate issue in the Return of Queen Chrysalis storyline, for the most part centered around our villain-of-the-story, Queen Chrysalis. Who still manages to be a good deal creepier in the comic than she was in the cartoon.

Creepy Changelings and Cute Citizens of Vuvy-Dovey Land behind the cut! )
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Here's another classic gem from Bill Mantlo's run in The Incredible Hulk, which saw Bruce Banner for the first time taking control of the Hulk's body and power. It was the start of a new age for the green goliath and has influenced every custodian of the character ever since.

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