Sep. 19th, 2013

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In a world with no Justice League - in a Gotham without a Batman - hope still springs eternal.
Even if it comes from the unlikeliest of sources.
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Oh, and Ray Fawkes co-wrote this issue! He doesn't have a tag yet, so I'll just credit him here.
Food for Thought: What are the pros and cons of DC having a theoretical Villains Year? One year of no heroes doing angsty gray-area stuff - just villain character development. If so, which villains deserve a ten-month, Black-Mirror style story arc?
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"[T]hat's part of the series' concept, the state of the world we all live in. ... If a superhero is going to have any potency, it has to accurately reflect the society it was created within. Superman did. Spider-Man did. That's probably what's wrong with most superhero characters these days, especially at the Big Two publishers. They don't reflect much of anything anymore, except for maybe -- occasionally -- the eccentricities of the creators who end up working on them. It's dangerous to reflect society in any real way, there's always a chance you might offend someone or present a picture that's a bit too disturbing, too much chocolate in someone's peanut butter -- which is not something that corporate publishers generally like to do anymore. I guess "The Bounce" is fairly anti-corporate in that way." - Joe Casey

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So... the Penguin. What a wimp, right? Some writers make him one of the smartest Batman villains to make up for it; others portray him utterly pathetic on all fronts and ride it for every laugh it's worth.

And some writers just say nuts to all of that. Like Alan Grant, circa 1989's Secret Origins Special. A cut above most of Grant's work, if I do say so myself - but that might just be a result of the wonderfully moody art, which I find to be only enhanced by the poor paper/ink quality.

One page from the Bumbershoot Bandit's past, behind the cut! )



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