Dec. 7th, 2014

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'I eventually figured out I didn't want to write KAMANDI after all, because that book will always be under the shadow of Jack Kirby, so however you do it, you're going to wind up doing it "wrong," because you're not Jack Kirby. So I started thinking of ways I could do a series that had aspects of what I liked about KAMANDI, but wasn't KAMANDI.' -- Kurt Busiek

One third of a 44-page comic )
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Sakura Taisen or Sakura Wars started out as a series of video games created by Sega and Red Company that combine a visual novel/dating sim type adventure mode, with tactical RPG mecha battles to simulate an anime and give you control of it's protagonist.

The setting is 1920s Tokyo where steam technology has helped the nation recover from a devastating war against demons some 6 years prior. however the it's obvious that the demons will strike again and so a new weapon is created to handle this threat, mecha Spirit Armor called Kobu, but the Kobu can only be moved by people with intense spiritual powers, and spirit power is more often found in women then in men.

To focus their spirit powers, sharpen their team work skills and to invoke rituals that will help pacify the evil the Teikoku Kagekidan (which in the series translates to both Imperial Assault Troupe or Imperial Revue) perform all female musicals in the vein of their real life equivalents the Takarazuka Kagekidan. A male commander was eventually brought in to lead them (the player character), but the series is often mistaken by western fans as shoujo for it's strong female leads, and for frankly being Steampunk Mecha Sailor Moon (the player character is bascally Tuxedo Mask in this equation).

Eventually it got a manga (scans are in Japanese but I'll explain what's going on) Teikoku Kagekidan Sanjou! )
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You know, I was thinking after my last post on this topic that I had sort of cheated.

Now don't get me wrong, Cypher's powers would be fascinating, and useful, and generally awesome in a quiet sort of a way, but it, like all the powers I was thinking of, were those that would be USEFUL to me in my life - Teleportation would save on travel costs, Telekinesis would just be so functionally useful I don't even know where to start... Another power I had pondered was the ability to split into multiple selves like Triplicate Girl/Duo Damsel/Triad/Duplicate Damsel (Good lord, she has more names than selves!). which would also have many uses.. though if I had two jobs I might run into tax issues... but that's overthinking things a bit.

No, I realised that I also had a power I wanted to have for FUN.... flight would be at the top of that list if I didn't have it included in the power I was thinking of... What power is that, well here's a clue (if you have't already read the tags)

It's not easy being green, but it CAN be fun )
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"To clarify something: Inhuman doesn't really have a 'main' character. Folks come in and out of prominence. It's an ensemble piece. The main character of Inhuman is the Inhumans." -- Charles Soule

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To be honest, the Straw Hat Pirates almost got this one, by just a hair, but their two most recent members don't really do much for me, and I've started liking all of them a whole lot less since the timeskip. Besides, I've always liked villains better than heroes, anyway.

So let's put our hands together forrrrrr... Baroque Works!

Behind the cut: the kookiest collection of cutthroats you've ever seen! )
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Oh my, this IS a tough one, I've been a sucker for team books all my life; the X-Men, the New Mutants, the Legion of Super-Heroes, the JLA, the JSA (Who I mostly knew about through the JLA/JSA crossovers), the All-Star Squadron, Grant Morrison's Doom Patrol, the Batman Family (which I knew when it was at the more ... manageable scale of one Batman, one Batgirl, one Robin and then a replacement Robin and a Nightwing... not that I didn't like the additions, but...) and of course, the New Teen Titans. I'd even count the five principle Bronze Saints from Saint Seiya as a team.

All these have been part of my comic reading experience since the age of... well let's not go there, so picking one is like being asked to pick between a boxful of cute, but different puppies. It's almost impossible.

But, whilst I've posted a LOT of New Mutants and New Teen Titans and Batman Family stuff over the years, there was always one team which was THE team... and it might not be one you'd think of, but it holds a special place in my heart.

The Legion of Super-Heroes )
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Professor X often has a bit of a patriarchal creep-factor about him, but Mike Allred and Peter Milligan take it to new levels in these 2 pages from X-Statix #6...

I've been working on your other suit... your *special* suit. )


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