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I can never resist referencing this comic when it comes time to talk about truly horrible comics. It really is an award winner for bad comics. The story has a Superman who deals with a cyborg life form and is not as super anymore. He also is bulked out in a way only the 90's can. And has a beard Santa would love.

This book must be read to be truly appreciated. I consider this one of my favorite bad comics and have it lovingly put away. The recent Barack the Barbarian book snuggles up next to it and the two of them argue every night about which is worse. Elseworlds were made for wierd stories and this one takes the cake. In fact it takes the cake, the plates, the balloons, and probably the pinata too.


So Superman has busted into the bunker where he just killed a vampire/hulked out Batman clone with Bruce's memories. Said clone was made by the twin clones of Hitler. Really. After that fight, he decides to take out the Hitler Twins with this enormous gun he got from the Batcave earlier. He suffers the expected fatal wounds and has a touching death scene with his bestest friend. Enjoy.

7 pages from a 50 page book.


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