Apr. 15th, 2015

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Writer: Mike Carey:
Penciler: Eric Basaluda
Colorist: Blond
Inker: No one listed.

8 pages of 24

Been a while, so let’s just get right back to looking at Ultimate Fantastic Four: Salem’s Seven. Just look back as previous posts to catch back up.

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I was hopeful about this one, I really was, given that Matrix Supergirl/Linda Danvers was one of my favourites, despite (or perhaps because of) her ridiculously complicated origin story, not to mention her depth of character. But DC just had to go and disappoint me again.

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"[My dad] would go to the store every week and come back with a huge stack. He was a big Marvel Zombie -- he bought almost everything Marvel published. So I've been reading these comics my entire life, and I don't think there's any kid in the world that doesn't love Spider-Man, especially if you read comics, because it's such a compelling character. It's you if you were a superhero. The idea that I get to write Spider-Man now is just so awesome." - Mike Costa

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Back in 1997, Marvel did Flashback Month, where various titles were given #-1 issues, all set some time before the fateful rocket flight that created the Fantastic Four. Artist Gene Colan and writer Joe Kelly wrote of Matt Murdock's arrival at college and when he first met Foggy Nelson.

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It's time to jump ahead to the very very 90sy 90s... when Snake-eyes name was plastered on the books' cover bigger than the main title and Scarlet Joined Cobra.

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