May. 1st, 2015

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Gene Luen Yang: There has always been this tension with Superman. He fights for the truth, but then he has this big secret so he never really tells the entire truth about himself. Even beyond that, as a profession, he chose to be a reporter, and the whole point of the job is to be deeply committed to the truth. That tension, that dynamic, is something that we really wanted to play up in this arc. Lois, of course, plays into that. She's one of the best reporters in the world, and she's deeply committed to the truth. How that plays out with her relationship with Superman, I think, is interesting. I think it will bring up a lot of different tensions and a lot of different issues. That's what we're hoping for, anyway.


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Hey guys been a looooong time since I've posted or browsed here. So glad to see some familiar faces still around, I missed you guys.

Anyway the Avengers 2 movie made me morbidly curious as to how Vision (and Wanda for that matter) was holding up in 616, if at all. There's a shit ton about what Wanda's been up to, but barely anything about Vision during all this time so, glad I found this issue.
First issue of the 2013 annual was focusing on Vision, and at least remembering that you know, he's alive now, and who he was before.

(Forgive me if my choice of scans or the sizes are odd, I haven't done this in a while)

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"The first American comic I read, apart from a few issues of Mad, was The Dark Knight Returns, which made me think American comics must all be completely brilliant and I’d been missing out on this Godlike genius for years and years. I immediately bought as many other titles as I could and found out the opposite was true, but I was at least able to follow people like Alan Moore into US comics, and discover the likes of Howard Chaykin, Peter Bagge, Paul Chadwick and so on."

- Garth Ennis

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So when I was posting Snake-eyes comics before I can't believe I failed to include these two issues...

In this post: Scarlet meets Snake-eyes for the first time, Storm Shadow address the accusation that he is to blame for the Hard Master's Death, the real killer's motive, and the birth of Cobra.

Also meet Mrs. Cobra Commander

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