Jun. 18th, 2015

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DC is supplying certain comic book stores with the article Lois Lane wrote "outing" Superman.

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Story By: Michael Crichton
Based on the Screenplay By: John Koepp
Adapted Script By: Walter Simonson
Pencils: Gil Kane
Inker: George Perez

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Okay, we got through some of the few tender moments in Billy and CC's relationship last time, now it's time for dark humor and tragedy.

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While Secret Wars plumbs the very depths of the House of Ideas'...old ideas, I thought it might be nice to revisit one of the more, er, distinct parallels once hazarded in an obscure Marvel fan-magazine. There were some pretty good designs here!

 photo Untitled copy_zpssczruzq6.png


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"I think it’s hardly surprising and entirely healthy for us to want to sample and revisit classic stories and characters from different eras.It reflects the richness and diversity of the DCU and its long history, and adds to the mythology that makes the DCU such a compelling place. You can be nostalgic for the eras of the past and still love the present incarnations. Just ask any Doctor Who fan." - Dan Abnett

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