Jul. 2nd, 2015

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A while ago, we had a post about Timeslip, in which contemporary creators reimagined various Marvel characters. More recently we had a post about the all-powerful Molecule Man. I thought I'd post the image where he appears and a summary of the backstory of the image that came with it.

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When last we left off Cobra had discovered the location of the lost Ark of the Autobots, and reprogrammed/brainwashed the Transformers aboard to serve them, after their initial attack a team is created to combat this new threat: G.I. Joe.

This issue is the calm before the storm.

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Mystique #1

Jul. 2nd, 2015 08:55 pm
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Writer: Brian K. Vaughan
Artist: Jorge Lucas
Colorist: StudioF

8 out of 24 pages

From the creator of Saga and Y the Last Man, we have this series! Reading the Wolverines posts here recently got me to thinking about series that Mystique was in. Then I remembered something... she had her own comic at one point! Let's take a look at the first issue.

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What's 411 and 911 for superheroes all rolled into one? O-R-A-C-L-E )

1 page from JLA: Classified #11, 5 1/3 from #12, 2 pages from #14, 3 pages from #15, 1 page from JLA/Avengers #2, 1 page from JLA: Our Worlds At War, 3 pages from Formerly Known As The Justice League #5


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