Jul. 3rd, 2015

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A page posted from GOD LOVES MAN KILLS, Kitty Pryde said Nightcrawler had a right to be bitter over his appearance, but isn't. I'm not sure how true that is. Kurt Wagner can be VERY bitter over his appearance, just not all the time.
Five years back, I said some characters have a "more woobie than thou" attitude. They are jerks to characters who act/believe/think in a certain way, when they themselves have more of a right to act/believe/think that way, but don't. Basically, they *should* be sympathetic to the other characters, but aren't.

Nightcrawler example after the cut, with Ian Churchill art. )
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"[The series will be] at times tongue-in-cheek in that I’m trying to capture the black humor of the zombies and their situation, in the spirit of the original series. However at the same time this is about what it means to be human and what it means to have that humanity taken from you, so there are some serious elements too." -- James Robinson

I was planning to wait a month so I could post a full third of the issue, but history79's already posted a few pages, I see. Well, I guess I might as well upload these now then.

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"Half the potential audience is going to see John Horus as the bad guy, and that's not without merit. Half the audience is going to see him as the Good Guy, and I can see where they're coming from too. I take no public position.I'm writing it from both angles at once and letting people make up their own minds." - Warren Ellis

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"And as much work as we're doing with the New Gods now, spending all the time with the characters, it will be a shame to think this is the last time we're ever going to see them. We're tying together two of the huge, sprawling, hallmark mythologies of the DCU — the Green Lantern mythology and the New Gods mythology — and after we've done that, those two are forever linked in some way." - Robert Venditti

Writer: Robert Venditti
Artist: Billy Tan
Inkers: Rob Hunter & Mark Irwin
Colorist: Alex Sinclair

7 of 21 pages

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It was going out the same way it'd come in.

The Warriors were confronting the High Evolutionary and his plan to kill everyone on Earth who wasn't flatscan human. They beat his Evolutionaries and subdued him.

Then Earth's own Eternals BOOM'd into the story.

They came crashing through the High Evolutionary's ship's roof. )
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"Initially, ANIMAL MAN was conceived as a four-issue miniseries [...] however, I was asked to continue the series into a regular monthly comic book [...] Having no desire to produce yet another grittily realistic exploration of what it is to be superhuman and/or an urban vigilante with emotional problems, I cast desperately around for a new direction. What I finally came up with was 'The Coyote Gospel,' which became the template for the further development of the series [...] Hilariously enough, during [its] writing [...] I was utterly convinced that what I was writing was absolute unreadable gibberish and that it would hammer the final nail into the coffin of my fledgling career as a writer of American super-hero comics. The success and popularity of the story took me entirely by surprise and encouraged me to go on to produce the entirely unreadable gibberish which has since become my stock-in-trade."
--Grant Morrison, Introduction to Animal Man TPB vol. 1, 1991

Trigger warning for violence/gore.

'Behold! The miracle of the resurrection!' )
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THE SIMPSONS #76 was a look at the Simpsons doing some of Shakespeare's works. Itchy and Scratchy get "Titus Andronicus." Be warned: it is gory even for Itchy and Scratchy.

Whoever wrote this is really messed up! )


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