Jul. 8th, 2015

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"There are characters out there in the Marvel Universe who maybe never fit in where they were. They never seemed to find a place. Maybe Weirdworld is that place for them." -- Jason Aaron

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"I like writing self-aware characters who can see the funny in their drama-filled lives. The Inferno is big, dark and scary -- but it's also pretty outlandish. I think having the characters acknowledge the crazy makes them more relatable. It certainly makes them more fun to write." - Dennis Hopeless

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"Over the years, various smart people have written about Superman as a metaphor for the Jewish immigrant or Asian American experience. I’ll take it a step further — everyone on the planet at some point feels that he or she doesn’t belong on the planet. We’re all outsiders and others. Acknowledging that experience while remaining totally committed to helping other people anyway is what makes Superman great — and what elevates the best Superman stories beyond vicarious fantasy toward something approaching the richness, tragedy and quiet humanity of heroic myth." - Greg Pak

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"Raised by magic,
returned to a world he never knew,
charged to protect mankind
stands the Midsummer’s Knight

A child of both worlds,
with the power to twart the forces of Dark Fae.

A mortal man with immortal powers
to maintain the delicate balance between
the realms of Men and Faery"

Joe Phillips, an awesome artist I met last year at OzCon, is working on a new Comic called The Midsummer's Knight inspired by Shakespeare's play of almost the the same name. A couple images behind the cut, but check out the site for much more.

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Batman #41

Jul. 8th, 2015 02:11 pm
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"The idea was that we had to build Jim Gordon up in a way that would be convincing? He can’t just be Jim Gordon in a robot suit. One of the big secrets is, he’s got to step out of that suit sometime. And when he steps out, he has to look good. So, part of the fun was wondering if we could transform him physically into someone who would look formidable. Greg just did a fantastic job of making him realistically slim the way you would imagine he would be if he worked out and got into peak condition. He looks good." - Scott Snyder

So Jim Gordon is now Batman and we've seen how he has been doing in the other comics, but what about in the main book? How does his first big outing go?

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Archie #1

Jul. 8th, 2015 06:50 pm
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'We've no intention of going "dark" or serving an adults-only audience. That's cheap, that's easy, and anyone can do it. Literally, any chimpanzee with a keyboard can write, "Issue One, Page One, Panel One: Establishing shot, the fetid boys' room of Riverdale High. Jughead pukes into a toilet, a heroin needle still dangling from his vein." Not interested.' -- Mark Waid

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"I remember the original Civil War seeming like a real paradigm shift. It was a way of thinking about these characters more as people, with points of view that could generate real conflict amongst themselves, [rather] than just good-guy bad-guy chess pieces moved around on super hero plot boards. The unassailable forces for good were...beating each other up? Over an ideological argument where both side had a completely defensible point of view? It felt very fresh. I hope my new Civil War story will feel the same way to today's readers." - Charles Soule

Enter the region of Battleworld known as... THE WARZONE.

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