Jul. 14th, 2015

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"Weirdly, the biggest influence was being 13 years-old during 9/11. You watched your expectations for what growing up was going to be -- such an adventure! -- turn into a struggle. You watched adults you loved and respected become bitter, fearful, hateful, bigoted. You were young enough to watch Saturday morning cartoons and old enough to read '1984.' You knew you could grow up to fix the world…but you didn't know quite how. I didn't realize it right away, but it's very much channeling the vibe of being so young and so protected and becoming aware of the horror of the world -- and worrying, when you're called upon, that you're not the savior that was intended." - Marguerite Bennett

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Well here's a solicit that caught my attention today when I looked at Marvel's solicit list. We got an all new line up for Guardians of the Galaxy, including a new team leader and person behind a mask.

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Once again, I'm posting some pages from CIVIL WAR. In this case, pages from J. Michael Straczynski and Ron Garney's AMAZING SPIDER-MAN run.

Why did Spider-Man decide to unmask during CIVIL WAR? After the cut, seven and a half pages from AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #532 explain it. Sort of.

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Since I posted the Justice League: Gods and Men one-shots solicits a while ago, I thought I'd do for the issue itself.

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"Ferguson‬ is not about race? ‪‎GamerGate‬ is about ethics in game journalism? Elvis still alive, happily copulating with the lizard people?"

- Ales Kot

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