Aug. 23rd, 2015

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So, Teen Titans Go has been playing on Cartoon Network for quite awhile now. I don't know HOW well it's doing - I've heard conflicting reports from different sources - but considering that its been cleared for season after season, and has no sign of stopping soon, I'm going to assume it's doing quite well for itself.

Personally, I don't care for it - it moved from "tolerable" to "overly obnoxious" some time ago for me. But as I said, many people seem to like it, including its target audience, so I'm happy to change the channel to something else until We Bare Bears starts.

However, I noticed the title of this episode, and being a fan of the original I decided to take a peek. What I got was...


Behind the cut is a review of the above episode, done by the Mysterious Mr. Enter, who covers basically what my personal problem is with the show that actually offends me.

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