Aug. 27th, 2015

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"If you look at the ideas that that story had, Iron Man thought superheroes should have to register with the government, and become something of a police force. Captain America thought that that was restricting the central freedoms of this country. It was a debate of security versus freedom. We're taking that basic idea and expanding it to a larger canvas." - Charles Soule

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Geoff Johns: "And I have to say, the reaction to what we've been doing with Diana, I'm very, very grateful that the hardcore Wonder Woman fans have responded to it, because we're putting everything we have into it. We're very lucky that we get to work with this character. I really appreciate the nuance and complexity of Diana. I feel really good about Jay and I pulling those out and looking at those and realizing them and shining a light on them and saying, "Look how amazing and powerful and wonderful this character is." There's a reason she's so unique among every DC comic."

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'I think one is tempted to use the comics medium to give the series an infinite budget, and indeed, we do some of that, but I think there are ways of going too far with that that risk chucking the feeling of the series. "Doctor Who" has always been defined by its limitations, and is all the better for that.' -- Paul Cornell

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JLA #3

Aug. 27th, 2015 08:32 pm
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"What I’m determined to do, no matter how long I stay on JLA, is to always create new villains. If I do the next Darkseid story, the next Weapons Master or Starro the Conqueror then firstly, you’ve seen it all before you know immediately who the villain is. I want to surprise you; I want to use antagonists that aren’t automatically a villain, and hopefully make you question everybody’s motivations, fears and concerns. At least with a new villain, you don’t know quite what to expect the first time around. That’s not to say familiar faces aren’t popping up, but in terms of the main antagonists, it’s all new territory.

There was a time all this stuff, comics, heroes, villains and so on was new to each of us. Every issue was a surprise. I’m not in the nostalgia business; I don’t want to repeat the stories I read as a kid, but I do want us all to feel like we felt when we first read this stuff. The excitement of the unexpected!"

- Bryan Hitch

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"When we originally plotted this story, Bullock and Montoya were supposed to be the main protagonists, but after Paul turned in his script, I decided I wanted to put Batgirl in it, too (I love to draw pretty girls, in case you didn't know). As I recall, Paul's reaction was 'WHAT!!??!!' I explained how I thought we could do it and subsequently wrote most, if not all, of her dialogue myself directly on the boards. I think Paul was ultimately happy with the final result, but you'd have to ask him." --Bruce Timm, Afterword, Batman: Mad Love and Other Stories

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