Oct. 10th, 2015

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'I must admit the biggest influences on my stuff in this outside of [the original] "1602" is the second series of "Blackadder." This is basically the Elizabethan era of "Blackadder" and that's a very broad comedy. To me, that's when "Blackadder" got good. It's a brutally scathing pastiche of everything Elizabethan. There's a character called Flashheart and my Angela sort of enters the story like Flashheart does.' -- Kieron Gillen

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ACTION COMICS #797 is mostly Superman talking to a psychiatrist, Claire Foster, recommended to him by J'Onn J'Onzz. Superman, changing some names, is reviewing matters after "Ending Battle." And he talks about the Pocket Universe Kryptonians.

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Leading Comics #7, the summer 1943 issue, by Joe Samachson (writer) and Pierce Rice (artist) was a loving homage or rip-off (depending of how you look at it) of THE WIZARD OF OZ. Although the SSOV are relatively depowered compared to their competitors, the JSA, they actually performed pretty well in a semi-fantasy setting. (Which will come as no surprise to those who read the "lost" SSOV about Willie Wisher, which was serialized with modern art in the back pages of ADVENTURE in the seventies.) This story is a LITTLE more realistic than that, but not by much. 18 pages out of 54.

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