Oct. 12th, 2015

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"The children of the 90’s have grown up and I’m not talking of the characters but of you the consumers and fans. As I travel the country and am greeted with the enthusiasm and energy you have for the early Image era, I am thrilled to continue the adventures of these characters that shaped your youth!" - Rob Liefeld

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DC has previewed the cover to the upcoming Dark Knight Universe Presents The Atom #1. The image marks Frank Miller's return to art duties in a good long while, and it's generated some interesting reactions from various comic book creators:

"I can't get enough of it. Hope to see sequentials again." - Erik Larsen

"I love it. I understand it's not everyone's cup but to tear at him how some have is dis-heartening." - Rob Liefeld

"My interest for this book increased about 100000x over due to this cover. I love what he's done there. Really interesting stuff." - Joe Keatinge

"For a moment, I forgot he wasn't producing the entire thing. Too bad." - Landry Walker

"He’s been talking for years about the crude power of superheroes, how they had more impact in the Golden Age when they were raw, unpolished. People will talk about how Frank’s not drawing it well, or not drawing it right, but that’s not what’s going on. Frank’s drawing it the way he wants the idea of this raw, crude, powerful idea to come across, not the way Neal [Adams] or Curt [Swan] or anyone else drew. He’s powerful, ugly, Eastwood-mad, with Kirby fists and a noticeable dick. This isn’t by mistake, it’s not lack of control. It’s cartooning, it’s Frank presenting an idea of Superman that isn’t sleek and pretty. I expect a lot of people are going to hate it. I’m not saying you should like it. I’m saying it’s not the result of someone 'losing it.' It’s the result of Frank wanting to say something different, that you don’t like." - Kurt Busiek

"Agreed. The only real measure of art is how well it said what it set out to say." -- Mark Waid

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"I spent 6 years of art school trying to avoid drawing genitalia, only to have a multiple page nude scene with James Robinson in AIRBOY." -- Greg Hinkle

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