Oct. 17th, 2015

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"When Ed [Brubaker] was doing the book it obviously had that classic Steranko vibe. It was very much a spy-noir story in a lot of aspects. Then when you look at Rick's run you can see the hat tip to Kirby especially. So I wanted to kind of reconnect with some of the Steve Englehart of it and some of the Mark Gruenwald era, which was very important to me, because that’s the Cap I grew up with."

- Nick Spencer

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The Fall 1943 issue of LEADING COMICS had "Exiles in Time", written by Joe Samachson and drawn by the workmanlike-but-not-outstanding Jon Small. For a mostly depowered group, the SSOV ran into time machines a lot (this issue, Dr. Doome in the third issue) and it's probably this one that inspired Len Wein to separate the Soldiers into different time eras in JLA#100-102. We even get a return villain--sort of--because the Dummy, first introduced in Leading Comics #1, and who became Vigilante's arch enemy in Vig's own strip, returns in this issue to face the entire SSOV.

One wonders if Big Figure, the dwarfish/little person crime boss in WATCHMEN, was inspired by the Dummy? As far as I know Charlton heroes (on whom WATCHMEN was based) had no recurring dwarfish or midget criminal in their comics. In the SSOV's first adventure, the Dummy worked for/with the Hand, but even the Hand called him, despite his name, the "cleverest of them all". Here, we see that the criminals are working for HIM...

16 and a third pages out of 50 pages.

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