Oct. 29th, 2015

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'Both Marguerite and I are big fans of the real world period and Neil Gaiman. So the idea of me doing Gaiman style material is not exactly a new riff. "Journey Into Mystery" very much could be read as dancing with "The Sandman." In fact there are explicit sections of "Journey Into Mystery" that are engaged with "The Sandman." My Nightmare was sort of explicitly a "Sandman" piss take. I say that with love.' -- Kieron Gillen

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Prez #4-5

Oct. 29th, 2015 02:58 pm
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"No, really the biggest influence any of the previous [aspects] of Prez has had on my work was Boss Smiley, because it just seemed so out of place. Here’s this character with a two-dimensional smiley face as his head. And to me, it just occurred to me–”They’re writing about Wal-Mart and they don’t even know it yet.” So I incorporated that. In my world, all the CEOs of all the major corporations have glowing logos where their faces should be. It’s a way of protecting their personal privacy. There’s a corporate personhood amendment where corporations have all the same rights as individuals. One of those is privacy. So the officers get a glowing logo instead of their head, so they can do whatever they want to you at work and then go home and live a private life, not really be accountable." - Mark Russell

Writer: Mark Russell
Penciller: Ben Caldwell & Dominike "Domo" Stanton (For #4)
Inker: Mark Morales
Colorist: Jeremy Lawson

Warning for violence and for sensitive subject matter.

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Archie #3

Oct. 29th, 2015 03:29 pm
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"The potential here is boundless and limited only by imagination -- when I began, I sat down intending to start with a brief document explaining how I saw all the characters in Riverdale, but four hours and 3,000 words later, I realized I'd gotten only to Archie, Betty and Jughead, and I could have kept writing through the night. It's just a matter of drilling down on well-constructed characters -- and the more I write about them, the more I find to write." -- Mark Waid

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"I think I’ve said this before, that the central idea of the book is: there’s one thing to want to be part of a movement; you see it on facebook and twitter all the time. “Right, rock on. #WeAreRobin.” It’s one thing to do that and feel part of something, but it’s another to actually step up and do it, to go out and help people, and to make your city a better place.

And not every one of these characters is going to have that in him or her. There’s a very interesting to me possibility, to talk about what are heroics in general. Is that just putting on a domino mask and beating up bad guys? No, it’s a broader concept than that. I think that plays well into a book with lots of different kids from lots of different backgrounds and interests and skill sets and fears. From that point of view, it’s going to run the gamut a bit broader of what the concept of a hero in Gotham City is.
" - Lee Bermejo

Writer: Lee Bermejo
Artists: Jorge Corona & Khary Randolph
Breakdowns: Rob Haynes
Colorists: Trish Mulvihill & Emilio Lopez

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CBR: Is the conflict between Sam and Steve almost like "Civil War?" Will they have two different ideological points of view? And will the public and the rest of the Marvel Universe be divided on where they stand?

Nick Spencer: Yeah, the public will be very divided. I'm a huge "Civil War" fan. I'm a great admirer of that story. I think it's still kind of top of the mountain in terms of event stories. This is a very different kind of conflict though.

Making sure that it's very easy for readers to see both sides of this argument was a major priority for me. The one thing I would say to all the Steve fans out there, of which I am one, is that I was not about to put him in a position where I found his viewpoint unsympathetic just because the star of the book is Sam. I think that Steve has a really strong argument here as does Sam.

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