Oct. 30th, 2015

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"It’s not that I’m against fight scenes, but I do dislike the amount of page-space they take up. You know, to show a fight properly — to give the artist space and to map out who’s where and who’s doing what — that takes up a lot of real estate, and MTMTE is a very character-driven, dialogue-driven series, and people respond well to the plots and the twists and the density of the stories, and extended fight sequences invariably make it harder to tell those type of stories — in my experience, anyway." -- James Roberts

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"You know, the essence of the Dr. Fate concept was always, you discover a magic helmet and you become connected to the magic. That's the heart of what was there from 75 years ago. So I can't tell you whether these stories are taking place before Kent Nelson found it, instead of Kent Nelson finding it, or in an alternate world to where Kent Nelson might have found it - I'll leave that to the people who understand the Multiverse a little better than I do.

But I think it's very complementary to the historic material. And in many ways, I'd like to think it's what the original creator might have done if he was alive and writing today, within the dynamics of what comics are now.
" - Paul Levitz

Writer: Paul Levitz
Artist: Sonny Liew
Colorist: Lee Loughridge

Let's spotlight another neat DCYou title, this time called Dr. Fate.

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In the New 52, Billy Batson can share his power with the people he considers to be his family for a limited time.

During the origin story, he shares it with his foster siblings.

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They were called for by their fourth.

They met one of two on the streets.

One of the three stepped on the ice-cream cone that the one of two dropped. )


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