Nov. 18th, 2015

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'Following some of the commentary, I suspect this is the first time in all criticism that an artificial sun above Hiroshima has been considered “too subtle.”' -- Kieron Gillen

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CBR NEWS: "When we first chatted about "Ant-Man" before issue #1 was released, I compared the series to the brilliant but cancelled FX private eye show "Terriers." And now that four issues have been released it seems like that was an especially apt comparison because it appears that "Ant-Man" is very much a series that blends private detective fiction with superhero stories."

Nick Spencer: "Yeah, I think that's right. It was an astute comparison at the time and I think it's been born out. We've seen Scott putting together his new company and bringing in some colorful companions. So the book is getting to be more an ensemble piece and that's fun. In terms of the future we're going to make sure we put these characters to good use."

So this issue answers the question about what happened with Darla Deering and... ah... yeah....

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"The punishment of crime is something everyone has some feelings toward. And I think by the end of the story, it will be interesting to see if the readers side more with Two-Face or with Batman." - Derek Fridolfs

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As I was watching the latest episode of Supergirl and enjoying the episode, especially Livewire in it, I was reminded of one of my favorite Livewire scenes in comics which had a bonus cameo by Wally West. So I thought why not post that scene here. Following is 7 pages from Superman/Batman 44.

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'Whatever the opposite of "street-level" is, that's Uncanny Inhumans. Sky-level? Sure. It's the most Sky-level series ever.' - Charles Soule

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Lesla-Lar and Black Flame are interesting, but Kryptonian vs. Kryptonian is pretty evenly matched, and eventually denigrates to a simple catfight. Supergirl's an alien with immense powers: did she never face an opponent even mightier than her? One who brought out the sci-fi and fantasy inherent in the character, a space opera with a great villain?

Just ...once.

In a single story continued in three parts.

The last Supergirl opponent I'm going to consider from the Jim Mooney years. (Next will be from the Skekowsky years.) From Action Comics #329-331, four pages or less from each twelve-page installment. Let's voyage to the far end of the universe and meet..Drang the Destroyer, AKA Dr. Supernatural.

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'For those who feel this team is too “C-list” – it’s fair to warn you going in that the entire concept of “lists” gives me the hives. There’s something slightly desperate and unhealthy about that whole weird superhero class system – it’s like, when did we all become the bullies at hero high school, hanging around the lockers to give D-Man an atomic wedgie? So… we won’t be doing that. Just like in Mighty Avengers, everyone’s an A-lister in this book. Everyone’s an Avenger.' -- Al Ewing

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