Jan. 18th, 2016

Genius #1

Jan. 18th, 2016 06:40 am
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"My wife likes falling asleep to the History Channel. And she falls asleep way easier than I do. One night, there was a documentary about hate groups. (No network can be all WWII all the time.) They interviewed a guy who ran one of those militia compounds deep in the backwoods of wherever the hell they still have backwoods. Here’s what he said about why he and his buddies were training deep in the heart of nowhere: “You don’t understand, all them gangbangers have been in combat, they all know how to shoot, they’ve all killed people before. They ain’t afraid of it. When the race war comes, they will have the advantage. So we gotta prepare.”

“They will have the advantage.” Another jiggle to the same light switch. This time, it turned on."

- Marc Bernardin

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'There was a point at which readers just suddenly seemed to get it -- the point they realized the book is intentionally the way it is, I guess -- and since then we've been getting incredible reviews with the same little phrases again and again: "Marvel-does-Vertigo," "spandex-with-soul," etc. Which is flattering and lovely and very welcome, but frankly all I'm doing is writing the sort of book I'd want to read.' -- Si Spurrier

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Moving on from intentionally silly yarns about super-oafs with Venetian blinds for capes... we return to more ostensibly serious fare with the origin story of Micro Face, a hero who dons a mask equipped with a microphone and X-ray specs to stop the most sinister sweepstakes ever.

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