Feb. 8th, 2016

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"In the weeks after the series finished I received dozens of letters, emails and direct message from brave, struggling readers living with all different shades of mental and emotional challenge. They all said the same thing: that David’s example, and his simple little mantra—I rule me—gave them strength in difficult times. There’s no greater sense of accomplishment for a writer." -- Si Spurrier

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"Those of you who know me only from A SONG OF ICE AND FIRE may be wondering, what the hell is MEATHOUSE MAN?? The short answer is, 'one of my old SF short stories'. (Actually, a novelette).

The long answer is, 'the darkest, bleakest, sickest, most twisted thing I ever wrote.'"
- George R.R. Martin

NSFW for sex and nudity as well as some gore.

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In this issue, Boy King and Giant--now assisted by the king's long-lost twin Richard aka "Muggsy" and his gang--return to what they do best: fighting Nazis!

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'I know I said something similar when Steve Skroce and I released "We Stand On Guard," but I seriously never dreamed that a comic about four 12-year-old newspaper girls in Cleveland could sell nearly 100,000 copies, especially without a single alternate cover. But it seems like there's an ever-growing audience out there that's hungry for new ideas and new stories.' -- Brian K. Vaughan

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