Feb. 9th, 2016

Archie #5

Feb. 9th, 2016 12:04 am
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"There is a valid school of thought that says that good villains must have realistic, complex motivations and sympathetic (or at least comprehensible) goals. As adversaries, they must be textured. By and large, I subscribe to this theory.

"On the other hand, sometimes people are just jerks."
-- Mark Waid

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In the comments to these weekly posts (and only these posts), it's your chance to go as off topic as you like.

Talk about non-comics stuff, thread derail, and just generally chat amongst yourselves.

Superbowl 50 came and went to the more or less complete disinterest of non-Americans the world over, but we hope they had fun, and/or enjoyed the various movie trailers for Captain America Civil War, X-Men: Apocalypse and Superman v Batman: Dawn of Justice... which I might put into an "ON Topic  Tuesday" post later on.
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"I will admit that although I enjoyed some of the colourful clowns at one time or another, I think they have a mildly negative effect on the Batman franchise." - Neal Adams

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"...the best new series of 2015, and with only a month and a half left in the year, that's saying a lot." - Fanboy Nation (quote on the front cover of the issue)

Writer: Si Spencer
Artist: Max Dunbar
Inker: Ande Parks
Colorist: Nick Filardi

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He masked himself like another Strange, with dark hair streaked grey.

Five years later, there was a reciprocal reference.

It was in Moon Knight #17, written by Doug Moench and drawn by Bill Sienkiewicz.

It wasn't one that fit at all in the story.

It was a jarring one. )
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'The Avengers of 20XX are fantastic fun to write about, and I owe most of that to Alan Davis, who -- when asked to draw some future Avengers for the last page of the "Ultron Forever" mini -- did things like a half-fish Iron Man and a foot-high Nova. Obviously, I couldn't leave that be.' -- Al Ewing

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