Mar. 7th, 2016

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In a casting "good news, bad news" situation, JK Simmons will be playing Commissioner James Gordon in Zach Snyder's Justice League movie. Which (I guess) means he won't be reprising the role of J. Jonah Jameson in the latest Spider-Man reboot with Tom Holland. Fans had hoped Sony/Marvel would "Judy Dench" Simmons into the new series, showing "Judy Dench" can be used as a verb when talking about franchise reboots. In retrospect, Simmons' Jameson was from a fast-talking "Front Page" "His Gal Friday" style 1930s newspaper movie genre. It still worked, though.

Given the "Justice League" Batman is a little older than usual, maybe Commissioner Gordon will be retired in this storyline (as I've heard mentioned in early DAWN OF JUSTICE gossip). Or he could be the Mayor of Gotham City, as "possible future" stories have done. But I hope we get a scene where Gordon talks about how his "top civilian consultant" was a dour guy in a bat costume.


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