Apr. 1st, 2016

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'A lot of publishers have been using concepts built for DC to tell some of the greatest cosmic stories of the past few decades. With "The Omega Men," DC is taking back its stars.' -- Tom King

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"Like all superheroes, he wants to make the world a better place, but he's unlike any other character in the comicbook medium. He's a God, a christ-like figure of super-intelligence and super-compassion. Superman would happily die to save the world or die saving a cat from a tree. He's the most selfless fictional character ever created and has an intrinsic decency that makes him fascinating to write. He just wants to do the right thing because he's an alien raised with perfect values and this applies as much to my soviet version as the real one."

- Mark Millar

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His style helped tell the tale with detail and fragility.

That clashed with the simple and solid depictions that'd come before in IDW's universe.

The clash was made obvious at the end of issue #3, when the protagonists met an antagonist.

Galvatron, seeking to raise dormant Cybertronians to fight the thing called D-Void, came to Dykayra.

There, he met a face he wasn't expecting.

" I-it cannot be! "

" Oh, but it is, Galvatron.. "

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