May. 7th, 2016

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'Considering how fleeting and ephemeral some of our source material is, I think we’ve both been a bit startled by some of the profoundly human statements that have emerged, as if from nowhere. Also, given that our brief and our intentions are to create horror stories, we’ve both been pleased to discover a new breadth in that remit. . . We’re finding that horror has a lot of different flavours, and in Cinema Purgatorio we’re hoping to extend and educate both our own and the readers’ palates. And you never know, the reader might discover that they’re looking at forgettable old films completely differently and becoming aware of some of the uncomfortable shadows in the background. That has certainly been our own experience thus far, and there are an awful lot of movies or movie devices that I personally am never going to see in the same light again.' -- Alan Moore

The first issue of Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill's new anthology is out...

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"Us pulling out all the stops. Not being afraid to go crazy, not being afraid to break toys. There’s a whole new sense of pacing we’re playing with." -- Mark Waid

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From the Dark Horse FCBD release (Which also includes stories for "Hellboy" and "Aliens")

Firefly - Joss Whedon's now near-legendary sci-fi western series from... Holy crap!! 2002??? (Really? Firefly is now 14 years old???), cancelled after a single season of top notch world building and stories and never seen again (aside from the movie "Serenity")

The movie also saw the end of perhaps the most delightful relationship in the series, the loving marriage between the former soldier (and now First Mate of the Firefly) Zoe (played by the divine Gina Torres) and laid back pilot "Wash" (played with immense likeability by Alan Tudyk) when Wash was killed by the homicidal Reavers, not long after agreeing to start a family together.

He is, though, fondly remembered by the rest of the crew and in the spin off comic, had one further part to play in adding to the cast, as you'll now see...

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