May. 27th, 2016

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"I can honestly say that JUSTICE LEAGUE: CRY FOR JUSTICE was one of the weirdest, darkest tales I’ve ever written. I think it may be the darkest JLA story ever written, although others may beg to differ. AM I proud of that? Not proud, no. I merely state what I feel to be true. I certainly know this tale isn’t to everyone’s taste. I know some people are even angered by it. But it’s a work I stand behind. I hope, reading it as one combined (and therefore quicker) read, you’ll see what I was going for…the slower build, gaining momentum…the growing cast…the growing event."

- James Robinson

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"The story of Spider-Man is a person who, despite having a lot of problems he can barely manage, tries to be better because he knows he has to be. He’s our best self. It’s an indestructible concept, because it’s fundamentally honest." - Mike Costa

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IDW published an adaptation of Peter Beagle's novel, The Last Unicorn.

The adaptation is not without flaws: as a result of trying to cram the entire story into just 6 issues, they had to omit a lot of info and there is a lot of quick skipping from one scene to the next. If you are not familiar with the book or the movie, it can get confusing.

For example, the comic doesn't explain that Mommy Fortuna put a fake horn on the unicorn so that people who have lost the ability to recognize her would be able to see her as a unicorn. Readers may wonder why the horn is now red, and figure out the reason on their own, but the comic itself doesn't stop to clarify. That happens a lot throughout the issues, even with important details like characters' motives, so if you want the full story you have to read the novel.

That said, the gorgeous art and moving adaptation of the most powerful scenes make this mini well worth reading :)

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So, I missed my window to post this when Sir Terry Pratchett passed on, and I missed another window on Terry Pratchett day. But this graphic novel was burning a hole in my shelf, just waiting to be shared with the world, so, um...Summer of Discworld?...ah, buggrit, just see what you think.

These were originally published separately, but are being taken chapter by chapter from the collected hardback. Be forewarned, I'm going to narrating the bits in between the scans as if whoever's reading has never read Discworld. Yes, I'm sure most people here have, but hey, you never know.

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