Jun. 13th, 2016

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What happened yesterday in the Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida was a tragedy and I know I speak for the other Mods and everyone on scans_daily when I express our sympathies with the family and friends of those who died or were injured.

But it was more than just a tragedy, it was an act of deliberate terrorism directed against the gay community.

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Reading Batman Rebirth #1 there are many lovely touches...Duke's new costume and role; Calendar Man's upping his game; even in the four of twenty pages reproduced below, a striking similarity between Dr. Thomas Wayne and his son. Still...

I wonder...

Does ANYONE bother to keep a secret identity anymore? Surely Batman, the most vulnerable of "super" heroes, the most cerebral, wouldn't leave glaring obvious clues to his identity...

Surely that would be suicide?

Surely Batman, of ALL heroes, would never do something so...stupid.

Right? RIGHT?

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"I’m a bit of a history buff, with a special love of English medieval history. And one day a few years ago I was ferreting around the various blogs and websites devoted to the subject when I came upon a discussion of whether Robin Hood was gay. Well… of course Robin Hood can’t actually have been gay, because Robin Hood wasn’t real. But there was some discussion, based on a few papers by a few academics, that possibly the origins of the Robin Hood story were rooted in sexual outlawry — that the historical figures who inspired the legend of Robin and his merry men, were people who were ejected from society and forced to live in nature because of their homosexual practices.

As a gay man I was of course very interested in this, and read as much as I could; and, well, it’s all about as persuasive as any other theory about the origins of Robin Hood, which is to say, about as persuasive as you want it to be. Given the lack of any hard evidence of any kind, everything about Robin is more or less conjectural."

- Robert Rodi

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If you haven't played the first two seasons you should. They're also often available for very cheap during sales if you're on the fence.



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