Jun. 15th, 2016

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"I was aware of what happened to Rhodey in the Civil War movie when we were putting this book together. The idea of an inciting incident that could equally affect both Tony and Carol very personally was something I wanted to do. I wanted them on equal emotional footing. And, oh my god, guess who is Tony’s best friend and Carol’s sometimes lover? Both Tony and Carol could say of their actions, “Rhodey would want this,” and they would both maybe be right. I didn’t want to do anything too close to the movie but at the same time there just was no other character that could represent something so meaningful to both leading characters." - Brian Michael Bendis

Writer: Brian Michael Bendis
Artist: David Lopez

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"Alan Moore and I once had about a six-hour argument about the Joker, back when he did comic books -- because he believed that the Batman and Joker were almost parallels that were separated at birth. Alan had a much more, a sort of attitude of moral relativism about what was good and what was evil. I took a much more arched view, because I believe that the Joker is not so much insane as satanic. He's evil incarnate, and he's so malicious that it goes beyond anything we could understand. That's what's so terrifying about him, is that he simply wants to do as much harm and damage as he possibly can." - Frank Miller

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TVTropes.org's YMMV entry on the X-Men inspired this posting. The villain is Shinobi Shaw, one of the early 1990s X-Men villains who rarely fought the X-Men.

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