Jun. 28th, 2016

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In the comments to these weekly posts (and only these posts), it's your chance to go as off topic as you like.

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Well, Brexit is happening, which depresses the hell out of me, especially since it's now obvious that most of "Leave" team never expected to REALLY win and now have to backpedal on the promises they never expected to have to keep, which throws the whole thing into even more confusion and uncertainty. And also the repellent tide of xenophobic and racist crimes which are being reported since the vote went through (This link contains examples of racism and xenophobia, so be aware before you click) should bring shame to every British citizen  (As someone more succinct than I could ever be put it; "Not everyone who voted for Brexit is racist, but it's pretty clear everyone who is racist voted for Brexit").

But parts of the country which heavily backed the Remain (my one consolation is that my area is included in that list) are striking back against the xenophobic attitude

In other news, apparently it's Shark Week..

In more significant news, the US Supreme Court has struck down Texas' controversial (to say the least) laws limiting access to abortion

In finally (as they say in the newscasts)  a Police Officer proposed to his boyfriend in the middle of the London Pride Parade. How delightful that the sort of thing unthinkable or shameful only a few years ago is now reported as a feelgood story.

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"When Fleming was writing, the locales were difficult for ordinary people to reach, which added to their exoticism. These days, most of them can be reached by Easyjet or Ryanair from a regional airport. In VARGR, I can get the same exoticism from the atemporal strangeness of East Berlin, which still looks like a Communist district, and from places like remote Norwegian islands that are comparably difficult to reach. And Helsinki’s in there because I just wanted somewhere Brutalist and miserable, which chunks of Helsinki certainly are. I couldn’t bring myself to take Bond to Helsinki’s black metal karaoke bar." -- Warren Ellis

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"If you look closely, you'll see that Marvel basically has three Thanoses. There is the 1970s Thanos appearing in the movies. This is before he got the Infinity Gauntlet. Then there are the Thanos stories I'm telling. And finally, there is the Thanos that appears in the mainstream Marvel stories. All three seem to coexist easily enough, so..." - Jim Starlin

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They weren't all superpowered.

They were all financial superpowers, fingers on one of the hands turning the world.

They weren't a cooperative, but a courtesy; they were meeting to address one of them being discourteous.

The charge was put to the offender in exactly those terms. )


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