Sep. 16th, 2016

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"What's in this briefcase could destroy the Ultimates...FOREVER!!!" -- Cover text

"What can destroy a team as powerful as this? Well, irreconcilable internal differences would do it, and this crossover is called 'Civil War'." -- Al Ewing

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. Of my singles pull list of a dozen titles, there are three that I look forward to with a giddy glee. Giant Days is #1 on that list. The Mighty Thor is #2. And in The Mighty Thor #10, everything gets turned up to 11. )
I can't wait until the 21st!
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Last month's issue #2 established both those qualities of his.

It had him explained by Robin of Sherwood in flashback, then had his handiwork delivered in the present.

This week's #3 picked up there.

It continued from the point #2'd left off at. )
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"The effect of the Terrigen cloud on the world is a huge part of all of the series, and will continue to be for some time to come. It’s just such a great story generator." - Charles Soule

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