Nov. 11th, 2016

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Recent political events in the USA have caused a great deal of confusion and for some, outright fear.

The President Elect of the USA has gone on record with comments that are racist, sexist, Islamophobic, and generally playing on nebulous societal fears. The Vice President Elect has made homophobic and mysogynist comments.

What all of this augurs for the future is as yet uncertain, and we don't want to engage in scaremongering, but caution seems advisable for now.

In the meantime, the Mod Team wish it to be known that Scans_Daily has, and always will be, a haven from such things. We will challenge and call out examples of bigotry and hate, and will never endorse them.

However, in the meantime we feel we need something more than that right now, something constructive. Our community exists to celebrate and share comic scans and that’s what we’re going to do, in our own special way.

So we are launching a new Theme Week right here and now; “Inspiration point”.

We are looking to you for examples from comics of any format, of characters or moments that inspired you. That gave you hope, or comfort, or the will to go on during trying times.

Has Ms Marvel as an independent young Muslim woman given you confidence? Wonder Woman reminded you that women have a strong voice? The X-Men made you realise that being different is okay? Have Midnighter and Apollo kissing on panel made you happy? Or a shared moment of recognition when Blaze of the Misfits came out as trans to the group? A fanart that struck a chord?

You have scans of this sort of thing that have meaning for you? (and we appreciate the examples above barely scratch the surface) bring them on, if they worked for you, who knows who else they might help.

If you would also care to share WHY they inspire you that would be awesome too, though we're not asking you to share anything that would make you uncomfortable.

We support each other during such times. We are a community: We are women, men and the glorious spectrum in between and beyond. We are cis, trans, gay, straight, queer, asexual. We are from all over the world, young and old, with faith or without. We are your community and we are stronger because you choose to be here!

Stay safe, share scans, and as be excellent to each other!

The Scans_Daily Mod Team
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I hate to drag on him too much but, as I've stated a couple of times, I think Miles is at this point a fairly boring character. He was introduced in 2011 and he doesn't even have a proper rogues' gallery at this point. His father has a more developed personality and motivations than he does.

I do think the one big exception to this was the 'Prowler' arc. To this day it's the high point of the series for me. Looking at again it works because this is one of the few times where Miles is dealing with something that isn't the equivalent to Peter Parker's scraps; it involves him on a very personal level. I think if Bendis has used this approach for the rest of the series it would be a much better scenario.

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The best of the two depends on the circumstances.

Those circumstances can depend on whom the thing's being done for.

They can depend on the mood of that person.

That can be estimated, correctly or not. )
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"[In] the summer of 1993 [...] I was still new to the U.S. and I was struck by how powerfully my friends reacted to Bill Clinton, who had become president about eight months earlier. They had been so happy when Clinton was elected, as if he was going to fix everything. And when some time had passed and he hadn't yet done the things they'd expected, they were genuinely heartbroken, as if something deeply religious had gone wrong. It seemed clear to me that they were yearning for a savior, someone to sort it all out for them. So I thought I'd do a story, in the form of synoptic gospel, in which I'd give my friends the kind of president they wanted."

-- Neil Gaiman in Hy Bender's The Sandman Companion, 182

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