Nov. 19th, 2016

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"He's got this interesting combination of arrogance and the vulnerability that comes from being trapped. He's charming in a deliberately human, capitalist, rather stuffy way, but with these hippy frills to that, as if this incarnation has deliberately grabbed hold of any and all camouflage. I love it when we see underneath that. I hate it when he's rude to perfectly kind and decent people. All these contradictions. But I intend to explore that using only the tools available at the time." -- Paul Cornell

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STAR TREK TNG: THE SPACE BETWEEN #6 is the last issue of the miniseries. It sort of resolves everything.
Except it doesn't. I vent a little bit about this and provide links to Star Trek reviews.

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Apparently the phrase 'Dark Trinity' is less confrontational and more contemplative, as in 'three people making a life beyond the shadow of their betters'. Better save that "Trinity fights Dark Trinity" plot at run's end, creative team.
Plus, what's Jason's reaction to Tim's death? Check it!
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"I seem to like playing with form, and the superhero genre has an awful lot of formula to it. It has a lot of formula to it that I don't think it should be limited to. So it's fun to take a piece of formula and go someplace else with it and see what happens." -- Kurt Busiek

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"Yes, the Bond of the books was casually sexist, racist, homophobic and a dozen other unpleasant things, including, let's not forget, a murderer. In my Bond story, he is clearly a man who respects competent colleagues regardless of any other value, because, yes, it's the 21st Century -- but I would also suggest that someone can be a misanthrope without being a bigot." -- Warren Ellis

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