Nov. 23rd, 2016

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'I am very much going my own way espec with Joseph who will be less of “the other” than has been traditionally portrayed. My take on Joseph is he’s a normal, happy, well-adjusted postgrad-age young adult not unlike Peter Parker. The only difference being Joseph cannot speak. Doesn’t–should not–make him a freak. I respectfully disagreed with the Joe As Psychopath direction and even, with all due respect, Marv [Wolfman]’s Joe As enigmatic Flower Child." -- Christopher J. Priest

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Oops, it turns out I was mistaken and it actually hasn't been a full month since the issue came out. I'm deleting the pages, but I'll keep the post up so the comments won't be lost.
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'I had a back pocket pitch about incarceration, and some other stuff that was missing a piece. And I knew that the co-star of this book was Crusher Creel, the Absorbing Man—it was a book about being locked up, basically. But I only had these very dim concept of this project, I didn’t know who the real star was. So when Marvel came to me and said, “Hey, would you consider doing a [SPOILER] book?”, for plot reasons I can’t get into, it happened to sync up really well.' - Saladin Ahmed

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