Nov. 26th, 2016

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"’Vision’ was the big game-changer in my career. Specifically, ‘Vision’ #1. I was very much a struggling writer. I was writing half of ‘Grayson.’ ‘Omega Men’ had been cancelled. ‘Vision’ #1 came out in the midst of a ton of other #1’s, and it didn’t sell like gangbusters. But it hit a nerve with critics and fans in such a way that people started looking at my other work and saw that I could write. I was no longer a guy trying to write, I was an actual writer. I got ‘Batman’ on the strength of that issue." -- Tom King

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This is the full context of the death of the girl in the "MCU synergy" Doctor Strange post (also this comic is more than a month old)... was MCU Mordo pathetic evil? My first post. Sorry, if I made mistakes.
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Why look who's returned to Doctor Strange's life. What a coincidence that it's just in time for a certain movie, huh?

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'Transparency. “No More Secrets.” Widow’s actions of the past have come back to haunt her in a damaging way, and now she’s trying to help others avoid a similar fate.' -- Mark Waid

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