Dec. 2nd, 2016

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"I hate trying to find roles for that bird. In the words of Tom Peyer, Redwing is the Aqualad of the Avengers." -- Mark Waid

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They can't say they weren't warned.

[personal profile] q99 requested some Fantomah, who's among the best-known creations of cult favourite Fletcher Hanks (writing and drawing as Barclay Flagg). So here we go!

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"I love that they are the action movie heroes that function on Id and act in ways that we often wish we could. There is a catharsis to them for people who want to strike back against oppression and strike back against hate and fear. They’re icons for that because they don’t suffer fools and they look fear and hatred and oppression and death and evil in the eye and they tell it to move." -- Steve Orlando

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