Jan. 1st, 2017

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'Until such time as the producers of STAR TREK -- in whatever form future iterations may take -- are prepared to embrace its origins rather than being embarrassed by them, no one will ever "be Kirk". Kirk belongs to the age when STAR TREK could be boldly and unashamedly all about gunboat diplomacy. Kirk was "also trained to be a diplomat" ("Metamophosis"), but that was Picard's primary function. Kirk found ways around the Prime Directive, Picard used it as an excuse to end the episode. And the commanders and captains since Picard have been even weaker and more watered down (with the possible exception of Janeway, who approached Kirk's chutzpah from time to time, but who, I suspect, is disliked by the {predominently male} fans for the same reason Makel Barret's Number One was rejected by the old boys at NBC).' - John Byrne

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"I want them to get the same kind of fun out of it as I got out of ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ or one of the big crossovers like ‘Secret Wars'." - Mark Millar

Story By: Mark Millar
Art By: Steve McNiven

What a better way to ring in the New Year by saying good bye to Civil War II: Battle Tendency, by looking back at the original event... Mark Millar's Civil War...

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So I was going to do a Batgirl retrospective or something to as a framing device, but screw it, it's New Year's, I'm lazy, and espanolbot is probably going to get to that that sooner or later. Anyways, I made this about a month back, spent many precious hours I could've used studying for finals, and when all's said and done... I regret nothing.

As first posts of 2017 go, I could do worse.


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