Jan. 6th, 2017

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If posting a link to this video violates the rules, apologies.

Best observation: "Carol is one of the most experienced Avengers and her killing Tony means she lost control of her powers, lost control of her emotions, or deliberately set out to kill Iron Man."

And I know Tony's in a coma but I think it's a very valid point. God, I am so sick and tired of heroes fighting each other...
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CBR: The one thing that struck me about the reveal was, why do this now when your run on the X-books is about to end?

Bendis: That’s the other thing. There’s more to this story than just this issue. Other things are going to happen. In fact, the biggest questions are, “I don’t understand. How is young Bobby out, but older Bobby isn’t? What are you saying?” The answer is that you’ll find out in “Uncanny X-Men” #600. I’m not going to spoil that. It will probably be spoiled for me, though. 
This is a very complicated subject, and it requires more than a few pages to dive into. I thought it opened a great deal of possibility for the characters. I’m kind of leaving everybody in a different place than people thought we were going to leave them, including Angel and all the others. Let’s just say that I’m pretty confident that the person following me is going to do this justice.

I’m not done with this story yet, though. I still have many pages to go, and then the next person has a story that they can do with a character that I would like to read.

Alex Alonso: It was our subsequent conversations about what the next story would be that really sold me. This is a character with decades of history, and one who we’ve seen falter on the romantic stage — more than once. So the seeds were always there.

With Iceman's new series coming out and his sexuality will be a bit more focused on (hopefully in far better ways than the past), let's go back to when he was out by a nosy and invasive telepath.

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So this is kind of comic book news since it involves the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund, though it's strangely not as well given what they are defending is not comic book related. However, they did through in their support for this memo, so let's give it a look and discuss!

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He was the object of the game this time.

He'd bought his retirement from it with blackmail, blackmail that'd expired.

Now he was in Chicago, walking out of an alley.

He heard a car revving, and then gunfire rak-kak-kaaking at him.

He ducked and ran- another Button Man came up behind him.

" Hate to shoot a man in the back, Harry! Turn around! "

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 More info here.

Hoo boy, this is a shitty decision. Marvel's "digital copy" deal was the best of both worlds. Might end up dropping a lot of my Marvel output because of this.
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'Batman readers are the smartest readers in the world. I don't have to hold their hands. I don't have to give them the training scene of the team coming together. They've seen that in a thousand things. They can just assume that's there. I want to skip to the action and the tension. I think you see the intelligence of the readers in the reaction. I mean, the reaction to Catwoman was vitriol. Like, I got people who hated it, saying this is out of character. This is terrible. This is not who this woman is. And I was like, "Yeah, you're exactly right. I agree with all of you."' -- Tom King

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